empowers sales teams

Measurable results

infuses accountability

No more excuses

generates transparency

Accurate business information

increases sales

No more uncertainty

DeploySoft releases ICLOSE.DEALS

The #1 b2b sales coaching platform

Sales optimization. iclose.deals is the only corporate app on the market that combines agile selling methodology, pipeline analytics and social media.

Agile Selling

60 seconds per day is all it takes to become an agile sales team. Close deals faster and increase revenue. That's iclose.deals.

Pipeline Analytics

Imagine a system that infuses transparency and accountability into the sales pipeline. Mitigate risks and reduce sales cycles. That's also iclose.deals.

Social Media

This new and exciting collaborative environment engages sales professionals. It's revealing... It's empowering... It's iclose.deals.

About us

We are a team of corporate sales trainers and consultants with more than twenty years of experience. Our professional background includes business, psychology, software engineering and, of course, sales. When we first considered developing iclose.deals, our goal was to have a web platform where we would be able to coach b2b sellers more effectively than in our face to face training sessions. We believe we have reached that goal. If you want to know more about iclose.deals and how it can make a difference, then talk to us.